Amnissos Residence is located 8 km from the city of Rethymnon. There is a bus stop to the city at the entrance of the hotel. Tickets are available for purchase at the reception as well. The bus passes approximately every 20 minutes and makes intermediate stops with the final destination being the main bus station.
From there buses leave for the city of Chania and Heraklion.
The distance of the hotel from Chania Airport is 77 km and from Heraklion Airport is 75 km.

Proposal destinations

Prefecture of Rethymno

  • Panormo -12km from the hotel, 20km from the city
  • Bali-20 km from the hotel, 28 km from the city
  • Plakias-43km from the hotel, 35km from the city
  • Lake of Kournas-40 km from the hotel, 32km from the city.

Prefecture of Chania

  • Gorge of Samaria- 111 km from the hotel, 103 km from Rethymno, 43km from the city
  • Fragokastelo- 68km from the hotel, 60km from Rethymno, 70 km from the city
  • Paleohora-138km from the hotel, 130km from Rethymno, 70km from the city
  • Elafonisi-145km from the hotel , 137km from Rethymno, 77km from the city
  • Water park/Limnoupolis-76km from the hotel, 68km from Rethymno, 8km from the city

Prefecture of Heraklion

  • Knossos Palace-68km from the hotel, 76km from Rethymno,6km from the city
  • Festos Palace-68km from the hotel,60km from Rethymno, 60km from the city
  • Creta Aquarium-77km from the hotel,85km from Rethymno, 15km from the city
  • Water park/Aqua Plash-92 km from the hotel, 100 km from Rethymno,30km from the city